Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dreaming of a Perfect Wedding?

A special day to mark the start of your “new life with the one” should be special, unique and well-planned. Planning a wedding is a major undertaking that can lead to stress and unhappiness for the soon to be married couple and their families. Many people think that there are no benefits to hiring a wedding planner, and that it is a luxury reserved for those with money to burn. This is purely a myth and these following reasons will show you why hiring a wedding planner is a good idea:

1. A great money saver
Wedding planners are usually considered as an extra expense and thus people fail to understand that they are actually cost cutters. The real fact about wedding planners are that they have access to special industry discounts with florist, bands, caters and almost any other service you wish to avail for your special day. A wedding planner also knows all of the options that are available to you, including the ones that may not be well known, which means they can find you a better deal on almost anything you might need. The information, ideas and discounts that a planner can provide, can easily shave 10-20 percent off of your memorable wedding expense, more than making them worth the money.

2. Organized and Stress-Free
Wedding planners tend to be well organized, and they can instantly give you the information that you require regarding anything you need to know about your wedding. This organization can help to keep you calm and stress free. Without the stress, you can stand back and enjoy the process of planning the minute details of your wedding.

3. A Stitch in Time
The only thing that might be better than a wedding planner saving you money, is the fact that they save you time. They schedule your events, plan a detailed layout and all you will need to do is show up and make the decisions. They will also help you get through hard decision making or suggest colours and themes when you are stagnant. Their ultimate goal is to make your wedding the best and their business remembered.

4. You Rule the Roost
Many of us have a wrong notion that once a wedding planner is in, your dream wedding would turn out to be something else or not as per your wishes and because of this many people tend to put them off. This is only a myth and the truth is that a wedding planner only makes arrangements and suggestions, the decisions are completely yours to make. In fact, it is likely that during this planning period, your wedding planner starts to understand and think more like you and understand your taste even before you mention it.

There are many advantages to hiring a wedding planner that makes them well worth the expense. Not only can they save you money, time, and eliminate stress, but they are a shoulder to lean on during one of the most hectic times of your life. A wedding planner takes the problems away, and makes wedding planning fun and an enjoyable experience. Also, you tend to get more ideas which one may not have thought about and the execution possibilities become easier to work-out. Once you hire the best wedding planner, at the end of your wedding, you are bound to leave a "Happy- Husband and Wife".

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